Story from India

My Future

“I have learnt how to imagine”
— Lavayna, 12


Young people in Kings School explored self-portraiture using photography, pictures and text. Working with Laura Montag young people learnt about the key elements of photography, exploring the technical aspects such as looking at the functions of a camera, as well as learning about composition, light, and building narrative into a photo.

The young people explored the notion that portraiture does not just have to be about recording faces. Students thought about how they could photograph a different part of their body, or a favourite object, exploring ideas of bringing narrative into their images, such as; how does it describe something about myself? Does it tell a story about my family background, my future, culture, or my personality?

Carrying on with ideas of self-portraiture, young people experimented with conveying mood and expression, thinking about; when do I feel like this? And how would I show this to the camera, including body position as well as expression.  Through experimenting in different ways of taking images of themselves, the students thought about the various ways of representing themselves through their talents, dreams and aspirations. A lot of young people thought about the professions they would like to be in the future, and the personal qualities they would need in order to succeed.

The young people explored ways of introducing text, choosing their favourite photo of themselves and designing text to illustrate it.