ARTICULATE gives young lives disturbed by trauma safe spaces to explore, express and enjoy themselves through art.

We are a charity offering creative safe spaces, run by volunteer artists, art educators and art therapists, to children and young people living or temporarily staying in deprived and dangerous areas.

Our activities use art to build a sense of self-worth that results in enduring personal resilience.

I’ve learned about myself and how I can be in the future.
— Lady, 15, Ecuador
Being part of ARTICULATE’S work shown me new ways of working and has changed my entire career direction.
— Emily, ARTICULATE artist

Our Story

ARTICULATE began as CMAP (Charlotte Miller Art Project) to continue the inspiration of Charlotte Miller, a talented young artist passionate about the social value of art. When she died in 2001, a small group of friends founded CMAP to take forward her work.

Charlotte believed that, for young people with difficult lives, art can be a powerful way to explore, express and share experiences, from the troubling to the traumatic.

In 2010, having worked predominantly in Ecuador, we became a charity and expanded our work into other Latin American countries and in the UK.

Today, we work in partnership with NGOs worldwide and continue to pursue ambitious growth to engage with as many young people as possible.

ARTICULATE offers innovative creative experiences that bring self-confidence and sense of self-worth to young lives. We help them develop practical creative skills they can go on to use in the future.

ARTICULATE is run by volunteer artists, arts educators and practitioners from the UK who spend from 1 to 12 months delivering our programme.

Our facts

Over 17

years' experience

5 countries

we have worked in – Brazil, Ecuador, France, India, UK

Over 7000

young lives we've touched

Over 50

artist volunteers running workshops

Over 50

exhibitions in communities, museums and art galleries

Our belief

We believe that art made by children is much more than play. We give young people made powerless by the world around them an outlet to express themselves and feel valued, protected, heard and understood.

Our work

Our UK-based team recruits skilled, experienced artists and trains them to run Creative Safe Spaces for young, vulnerable people - from the favelas of Brazil to youth groups in Brighton. All our finances are directed to delivering our projects and researching new opportunities. We depend entirely on our volunteers, donations and grant-funding. 

Making art brings me tranquillity.
— Paul, 14 years old, Brazil
For children who have lived their lives with violence and criticism, the therapeutic value of art is invaluable.
— Karen Baker, Director of JUCONI, Ecuador
Art gives me the inspiration I can’t find anywhere else.
— Sylvia, 16 years old, Sao Paulo

Creative Safe Spaces

In 2016, we developed a new approach to our work: The Creative Safe Space.  This methodology provides access to art materials and processes to encourage the powerful means of expression that creativity offers. Through the playful, experimental process of making art, young people receive the deep, therapeutic benefit of expressing their thoughts, feelings, experiences and stories.

Creative Safe Spaces are a drop-in style, open studio where various art materials are made available, unhindered by any directive outcome.  Sharing their stories through the process, the young people are free to express themselves and feel listened to, understood and supported, in a place of empathy and compassion. 

Our artists are trained in active listening to difficult experiences.  We have been developing our new methodology for over two years, and it is now at the very core of our organisation.

Our Partners

ACER, Brazil

ACER was set up 1993 to offer an alternative life to vulnerable children and young people living on the streets of Sao Paulo. Acer aims to provide activities that enhance the self-esteem of street children and offer support to their extended families. In 2003, ACER established its own Community Centre in the favela ‘Eldorado’ which at the time was one of Sao Paulo’s most violent suburbs were many of the city’s street children came from.

We are confident that through ARTICULATE we can offer very high quality work which will greatly contribute to us achieving our mission to rescue the dignity of children and adolescents promoting social transformation.
— Jonathan Hannay, Director, ACER

Humming Bird Project, France

The Humming Bird Project are a community led, grassroots organization based in Brighton.  Working in partnership to promote a coordinated response to the refugee crisis. The Humming Bird Project volunteers offer support and solidarity to refugees in the camps in Northern France and locally in Brighton.

ARTICULATE are working along side Hummingbird and other existing groups in the refugee camp to provide a calm and creative safe space. The young people who are engaged are often unaccompanied and some suffering PTSD often having experienced war, oppression and multiple bereavements. cmap facilitators are caring, professional and adaptable which is important in this environment.
— Elaine Ortis, Humming Bird Director

Juconi, Ecuador and Mexico

ARTICULATE works very closely with Juconi (Junto con los niños: Together with the children) an NGO that works with street-working children in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Ecuador and Mexico.

Our programmes are all developed to build on Juconi’s wider work and goals: Juconi works, as its name suggests, “Junto con los niños – together with the children” to address the reasons that drove children onto the streets – domestic violence, poverty, family breakdown, addiction.

Articulate is an incredibly valuable part of the therapeutic work undertaken by JUCONI. By offering the children a space to explore their thoughts and feelings through the medium of art. For children who have lived their young lives with violence and criticism, this experience is invaluable.
— Karen Baker, Director of JUCONI, Ecuador

The team: how we are run

ARTICULATE is run in-country by our passionate team of artists. Artists are normally placed two at a time in each project. We recruit with the aim of creating a complimentary team, considering each artist’s skills and backgrounds in arts and education.

ARTICULATE values its close relationship with a network of existing and returned artists. This community contains a great diversity of talent and experience. ARTICULATE artist’s have gone on to positions in international development, the arts, and a range of other creative industries and teaching and the pray professions.