A Story from India

My Future

“I have learnt how to imagine”
— Lavayna, 12

Working with Laura Montag, young people from Kings School explored self-portraiture, using photography, pictures and text. They explored technical aspects, such as the functions of a camera, as well as learning about composition, light, and building narrative into a photo.

They explored how portraiture can be more than recording faces. Students considered how they could photograph a different part of their body, or a favourite object, to create narrative in their images. They used this technique to ask ‘how does this tell a story about my family background, my future, culture, or my personality?’.

Experimenting in different ways of taking images of themselves, the young people were able to consider how to represent themselves through their talents, dreams and aspirations. Many thought about their possible future profession, and the personal qualities they would need to succeed. They concluded by writing and designing text to illustrate their favourite photo.