Story from Brazil

Animate Me

Theme - As part of the photography project ran in Clube de Artes between August 2014 and February 2015 the students learnt how to make their own stop-motion animations.

The participants created their own stop motion videos using the manual SLR camera on a tripod, employing their knowledge of using the fully manual camera to take the photographs. In the beginning they created quick videos of themselves to get used to the activity, understanding how many photos that should take to give the appearance of movement. Later they progressed to more complex animations which required more work and thought process to achieve.

The participants really enjoyed the activity and came up with some some really creative and interesting ideas. As the sessions went on they began to see the wide range of possibilities using the technique and it was very exciting to see them developing their ideas. They found the activity intuitive and by the end of the sessions began very accomplished in creating the animations.